Where can I train as an EdPsych?

There are 12 universities in the UK that offer the DEdPsy programme:
Here's the list in more detail. I've omitted entrance requirements concerning GBC: this is covered in the Beginner's Guide.

1. University of Birmingham
Title: Applied Educational and Child Psychology (App Ed & Child Psy D)
Entrance requirements: one year's full-time equivalent postgraduate work experience with children and young people (0-19).

2. University of Bristol
Title: Doctor of Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)
Entrance requirements: A minimum of 2 years full-time relevant work experience within educational, childcare or community settings. Additionally, knowledge of current issues and the organisation of children's services, schools and early years provision; knowledge about the work of EdPsychs; understanding of psychological theory and evidence of its application in practice.

3. University of Cardiff
Title: Educational Psychology (DEdPsy)
Entrance requirements: As above; examples of relevant work experience include: teacher, graduate EdPsych assistant, learning support assistant, educational social worker, learning mentor, speech therapist, care worker. Experience must have been sufficient and sustained, although no minimum amount of experience is given.

4. University of Exeter
Title: 'DEdPsych Professional Training in Educational Psychology'
Entrance requirements: Two years experience working with children or young people (0-19); evidence of applying psychological knowledge; understanding of current educational policy and practice...

5. The Institute of Education, London
Title: Doctor in Educational Psychology (Professional Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology DEdPsy)
Entrance requirements: Evidence of relevant experience of working with children within educational, child care or community settings

6. University of Manchester
Title: Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology
Entrance requirements: A significant and sustained contribution to educationally relevant outcomes for children and young people: examples include school teachers, teaching assistants, behaviour mentors, education welfare officers, therapists. Experience must have entailed some detailed evaluation of outcomes for children/young people and the (potential) contribution of psychological approaches

7. University of Newcastle
Title: Doctorate in Applied Educational Psychology (DAppEdPsy)
Entrance requirements: Relevant experience of working with children within an educational, childcare or community setting.

8. University of Nottingham
Title: Applied Educational Psychology Doctorate (DAppEdPsy)
Entrance requirements: At least two years relevant work experience; a capacity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the nature and working practice of schools and other services for young people

9. Queen's University, Belfast
Title: Doctorate in Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology
Entrance requirements: Experience working within a relevant setting (eg. with children or young people) and to be able to demonstrate critical self-reflection in relation to their experience, as well as intellectual rigour, appropriate personal qualities, and readiness for training

10. University of Sheffield
Title: Educational and Child Psychology (DEdCPsy)
Entrance requirements: An absolute minimum of one years relevant work experience (applicants generally have several years experience); experience must have expanded skills and knowledge relevant to working as an EdPsych.

11. University of Southampton
Title: Doctorate in Educational Psychology
Entrance requirements: Demonstrable competences relevant to work with children in a childcare, community or educational setting

12. University College London
Title: Doctorate in Educational and Child Psychology (DEdCPsy)
Entrance requirements: UCL gives the best list of relevant work experience, which is as follows:  Educational Psychology Assistant, Teacher, Portage Worker, Learning Support Assistant, Speech and Language Therapist, Care Worker, School or Children's Nurse, Assistant Clinical Psychologist working with children, Connexions Advisor, Social Worker, Family Worker, Play/Art Therapist, Educational Social Worker, Child Psychotherapist, FE Lecturer (16-19 years), Assistant Occupational Therapist, Assistant Physiotherapist, Counsellor, Children's Centre Worker, Youth Worker, Research Work, Learning Mentor

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